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Celebrating Mental Health Day Everyday

November 8, 2017 • Namarita Kathait • Female • 23 • Delhi

Dear readers,
Have you seen the inside of a mental hospital?
Yes, it’s a prison
For the sick people
Sick in their heads
As called by their doctors
Drooling saliva out of the Joker
Like smile and glittering eyes
Hiding the real truth
Of pain asked to shut down
By lithium in their blood
Injected with a metre long
Needle that skins extra
When two men are pressing
Your body on the prison bed
Because you said NO! Enough!
But haven’t you ever for once
Thought why everybody
I mean all of THEM
Hate the medicine you give them?
Don’t tell me you never wonder
How they make them feel?
Yes, feel. Or you thought they
Have become incapable of
feeling just because they
don’t think right according to
Your rules of normal human way?


A few months ago, we at the Bhor Foundation met a talented film director, Suchita Bhatia, and didn’t realise our meeting would it result in such heartfelt short movies. Suchita calls it ‘Project Joy’ and has a burning desire in her heart that inspires her to move ahead in this creative journey to spread awareness about mental health and schizophrenia.

Here’s what Suchita made of my story.



I and Suchita, both share a common illness, Schizophrenia that has affected the lives of most important people in both of our lives. Her hard work has finally flourished and her four movies (I am there too!) were launched by Her movies are honest and present the illness in the most naked way. The characters are not dressed up and speak without any makeup on. The truth is barred and sometimes can be too much to watch – but you watch it because you can’t bury the truth like our society does.

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