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Importance of Family Support

November 2, 2017 • Yash Sampat • Male • 25 • Delhi

My mother suffered from Schizophrenia between 1997 to early 2010. During that period, there was a lot of chaos in the home and considering the gravity of my mother’s problem, we had to leave Muscat and shift to Hyderabad. We shifted to Delhi in the year 2000. Due to my mother’s medical condition, there was a lot of unrest in my house and in my personal life. There was a time when my parents could have applied for divorce but my father was patient enough to approach for medical help, and he constantly tried to find a proper treatment. In December 2009, we were connected with a psychiatrist.

Initially it was extremely difficult as my mother had refused to take medicines but my father and I after consulting the psychiatrist, arrived at a solution. We were given a liquid medicine which we could mix along with water and give to my mother without her being aware of it. This plan continued for two months and eventually my mother got better.

Currently, my mother is undergoing medication, everything is normal and I share an excellent relationship with her. My extended family, relatives, friends and neighbors have also been completely supportive of us and have never let us feel bad about the challenges faced by my mother.

While addressing mental health problems, family support and patience is extremely important. Though in many such situations family members fail to understand the root of problem, therefore it is very important that people are educated about mental health through various awareness programs.

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