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Lost Again

June 28, 2017 • Vairali Nagpal • 17 • New Delhi

My emotions are all over the place, too hard to think about them and harder to face.

It’s 3:07 now, the only time they drain, though usually lost in my brain.

It’s such a pain to face them again.

It’s hard to chase them, to win the game.

The game of surviving, how do I keep myself sane.

They twist like a Christmas candy cane, what do I gain?

Are they restrained? It’s a bloodshot stain!

But do I complain? It is a disdain.

I try hard to maintain, it’s harder to explain.

But they always retain, won’t let me be sane.

And again, my thoughts drain.

It’s only 3:08, though usually just lost in my brain, they resurface again.

TAGS #coping #exhaustion #negative #poetry #writing thoughts