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April 28, 2017 • Prateek Dabhade • 20

Maybe, someday we will meet on the other side.

Maybe, when we are a bit older, our minds less hectic and both of us fading to grey.

Maybe, when I’ll call your name, your ethereal eyes will find a hope in me.

Maybe, I’ll be able to describe bravely, how indispensable you were to me.

Maybe, you’ll understand then, why I was psychotic about the thought of losing you.

Maybe, I’ll be able to prove enough, that I truly did love you.

Maybe, you’ll cry tears of apology and I’ll forgive you in dismay.

Maybe, we both will dare to look into each other’s eyes, and the touch of your grace will let me sigh.

Maybe, you’ll stop hating me then and I’ll be loving you more at the same time.

Maybe, someday if I fall asleep and won’t breathe, right?

Maybe, if I leave everything and won’t come back?

Maybe, after that you’ll completely understand, how much I loved you!

Maybe, we will meet on the other side of life!

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