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A Mental Health Day

January 21, 2018 • Kritika Narula • Female • 22 • Delhi

You’ve heard of a sick day

When you coughed your guts out

Runny nose,

swollen eyes


You’ve heard of a sick day

When you retched,

Were wretched,

No lies


You’ve heard of a sick day

When you broke some bones

Painful fractures

Bandages and ties


You’ve heard of a sick day

When there was blood

Trickling over skin

And cries


You’ve heard of a sick day

When you pulled a muscle

Needed a therapy

Multiple tries


Now you will hear of

A mental health day:

And we will know the mission is complete

When in a classroom in a public school

A student can avail  medical assistance for

A mental affliction, without being called weak, or a fool


Let’s normalise this phenomenon,

And trivialise the naysayers

And make sure

It is never the other way ’round


Kritika is studying media management, writes features and creates a fortnightly newsletter called The Mental Health Mirror. She’s been told she is annoyingly upbeat about the impact that words can have. She  reads a lot, perhaps, even into your words. Cares too much, even about the next meal she is going to have. She is a mental health advocate owing to personal experiences.

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