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Prison of Silence

April 4, 2017 • Vedika Aum • New Delhi

I live I laugh I create I think I learn

…and I question

I meet silence

I question again and am told to be silent

Watch in silence

Obey in silence

Silence your thoughts,

your questions

I face deafening silence within and without

The silence implodes bursting without in destructive expression

                   in words

                   in tears

                   in blood




…and quietening in silent whimpers

I wait for understanding – In vain

The bars of fear of indifference, of ignorance are too high and strong for me to reach across

I wait….in vain, in my enforced prison sometimes drowning sometimes staying afloat

bobbing in the river of roucous silence

I wait some more

bleed some more

Till I understand,

it’s just me who can understand myself

just me who can hold my hand

just me who will reach out to embrace my tears away

Only me who can help me to break free from this endless waiting


this enforced prison of silence that surrounds me…..

I break free !


This poem has also been published on Vedika’s blog, see here

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