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Prisoner in my own mind

August 23, 2017 • Anonymous • Male • 25 • Delhi

I am a prisoner in my own mind,

Prisoner who is being constantly told by that jailor that he’s shit!!

Being imprisoned for the crime he didn’t commit,

Here anxiety and depression is all I could find.


I am a prisoner in my own mind,

Who prays for execution more than release.

Sitting inside feeling sorry for himself,

Because I know as each day passes by, I won’t be fine.


I am a prisoner in my own mind,

I am tired of pretending, of living this life.

I am not alright, and I haven’t been for a long time,

Only God knows when I will be fine.


I am tired of being sad, walking around with a fake smile,

Gathering all the energy in the world just to be OK for a single day?

And I know I’m not OK, I’m weak, depressed and fragile,

I am a prisoner in my own mind.


When I see outside, everything is full of emotions, energy and happiness,

But inside me, everything is so fucking numb.

I am tired of fighting this battle everyday,

And I am afraid to admit I am gradually losing this fight.

I am slowly watching the best in me die,

I am a prisoner in my own mind.


I want to escape, run away,

I want this madness to stop.

I want to revive myself, but it’s not as easy as it looks,

Because I am a prisoner in my own mind.

And it’s killing me everyday.

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