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February 8, 2018 • Sangeetha Param • Female • 24 • Bengaluru

My name is Sangeetha Param. I am 23 years old. I am a survivor of depression. In November, 2014, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder. “Two- faced personality”, “over reacting”, “exaggerating”, “attention seeker” were some of the things I was called throughout my childhood and teenage years. My mind reached its saturation point and exploded one November morning and that was when I broke down. I was told I suffer from depression. The word ‘ depression’ did not put me down, instead it made me realise that with help, which I was not ashamed or afraid of taking, I could turn a new leaf. I use writing as my therapy which heals me and helps me manage my depression and mania. Earlier I used to say that I suffer from depression, but now I am proud to say that I am a survivor of depression.


Dark clouds surround the sky;

The sun now has a place to hide.

Lightning, thunder, strong winds!

Lights, camera, action; the show begins…

Pitter patter, the raindrops fall

On the trees, leaves and flowers.

Into their nests, the birds flew

In search of shelter, the people too.

The water rolled down the empty street,

Taking with it the fallen twigs and leaves.

The rain is bipolar in nature:

It brings out sadness in some,

And joy in others.

Sad people see the rain,

As a way to release pain.

They sit by the window, and tears roll down.

As the raindrops crawl down the window pane,

The sound of the rain camouflages the cries

Of the broken heart that aches,

Engulfed with a lovely feeling,

Afraid of drowning in pain!

So, the other side is happiness,

Which the same rain brings out,

As little children come out to play

And dance under the rain!

Boys play soccer and kick the ball,

While girls make boats and set them to sail.

Lovers hold hands and walk down the streets,

Old couples sip hot chocolate, side by side, in their balconies.

The rain brings sadness and happiness,

But, for me, it’s a form of purity.

It comes and washes away my sins;

My worries and troubles it takes with it.

Once the rain stops, you see the freshness; the roads are


The leaves are green,

The moisture in the air gives an amazing feel.

So rain, rain, come again!

Take away my sins and pain.

Bring me happiness as it’s meant to be.

Rain, rain, come again!

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