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We hope these stories will inspire you and more young people to come forward and share their own, helping to break down the stigma surrounding mental health.



How writing helped me survive bullying and Aspergers

Never let your circumstances define who you are. You can be anything!

November 8, 2017 • Khali Raymond • 18 • Newark, New Jersey


You’re Okay

Quite often we are very afraid to make mistakes, we second guess ourselves even before trying something. And sometimes we end up not doing what we are afraid of at all, because we wonder what society, other people, our friends or families will think, how they might judge us. This needs to stop.

July 27, 2017 • Arundhati Bhatia • 20 • Delhi


Lost Again

I usually don't talk much and prefer writing instead. This poem is for each of those alternative souls who are looking for sanity, love or compassion, a release in poetry, writings, novels, stories, theatre or art. We are in the end, humans, and there is nothing that can prevent us from over-thinking. Over-thinking isn't bad, over-thinkers aren't scary, it is an art that every one of us has developed in our own beautiful way. Embrace it, don't let it drain you away, write your thoughts down, feel them, don't dare you frown.
I am touched by anxiety and by depression, and my only getaway is writing, which was introduced to me by my father, who himself is a photographer/journalist by passion. Knowing that I wouldn't say much he asked me to write instead, and I wrote. I wrote what I'm feeling, the things that I'm going through, things that I over think about, things I don't want to see. I could write what I felt, imagine what I thought not caring about the real, perhaps that is what helped me go through depression though I'm still healing.

June 28, 2017 • Vairali Nagpal • 17 • New Delhi


Seven Things That I Have Learned From My Struggles With Mental Illness

I would like to share seven things that I have learned from my struggles with mental illness from these different perspectives.

April 4, 2017 • Shashank Kumar • Bangalore


The good, the bad and the ugly – My experience with Depression

I was diagnosed with clinical depression at the age of 23. To be honest, I think it was lurking around long before my diagnosis in early 2014. While personally I was relieved (because I knew what the problem was), I was terrified about what my friends would think.

April 4, 2017 • Anovshka Chandy • Bangalore


The ‘chaos’ overload- The ‘escalator’ overlord- Story of my life!

I wish that people would go beyond the painful glass ceilings and casings, and probe me further, but people don’t.

April 4, 2017 • Siddharth Mukherjee • New Delhi