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Walking out of shadows

April 28, 2017 • Vertika Dixit • 33

When you feel vulnerable,

When you feel victimized,

When there is no hope,

When what you see, no one can,

When what you feel is undefinable,

When it’s lonely and it’s unbearable,

                  That’s when you are depressed.

When your closest becomes a stranger,

When you feel chained and uncared for,

When you feel eyes following you,

When you feel inconclusive,

When you live but absently,

When you are surrounded, but in an unknown way,

                     That’s when you are depressed.

Sometimes you realize it and sometimes you don’t,

But it’s always unnerving.

It does not define who you are,

But it keeps following you everywhere.

It’s a condition that is stigmatized,

But it’s you who has to realize,

                      That’s what depression does.

You need someone to hear you out,

You need someone to vent your anger to.

You need to realize,

That you are important

It will take time and it will take patience,

It will take compassion and it will take love,

                        That’s when you can get rid of it.

Let no more lurking shadows,

Drag you down.

Let no more judgment,

Make you look for cover.

Finally, get done and dusted,

get clarity and some perspective.

                     And that’s you walking out of the shadows.

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