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You’re Okay

July 27, 2017 • Arundhati Bhatia • 20 • Delhi


Wait a minute,

Stop overthinking,

I’d say, don’t think at all.

Just be,

All by yourself,

Even if you make mistakes like these,

Even if you crumple the paper after writing that poem,

Even if you paint brown for leaves and black for flowers,

Just be.

Because You’re OK like you are,

More than what you think you are.

Quite often we are very afraid to make mistakes, we second guess ourselves even before trying something. And sometimes we end up not doing what we are afraid of at all, because we wonder what society, other people, our friends or families will think, how they might judge us. This needs to stop.

Even if what we want is not always ‘approved of’, could we find the strength and support to go ahead with it? How do we find out and explore for ourselves? Let’s not get pressurised with the thought of ‘log kya kahenge’ (what will people think).

Shut your eyes, believe in yourself and go for it. And take it one step at a time. Whatever you are thinking and feeling is OK, it’s also OK to not be ‘OK’.

I am Arundhati Bhatia – a lost artist.

I am not sure what my art type is, but I am still exploring. I am experiencing how beautiful every art form is… and every new thing I try, opens up a ‘new me’.  

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